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All activities listed below have been performed without compensation to the officers or members of Wilson PRIDE, Inc.  Wilson PRIDE is a volunteer organization and has no paid staff. 



Current Activities:


Raise funds and coordinate construction of a new city park:  Wilson PRIDE is functioning with approval from the Wilson city council and without compensation as developer and general contractor to build a new city park.  This new park will be partially funded by a Small Communities Improvement Program (SCIP) grant written by Wilson PRIDE on behalf of the City of Wilson.  The Kansas Dept of Commerce announced in January 2008 that the City of Wilson will receive $106,250.00 in SCIP funds. Wilson PRIDE has raised funds from the community to purchase the land on which the park is being built



Wilson PRIDE has also hired an architect, Warren Ediger, and is organizing local volunteers who will provide the majority of the labor to build the park.  The SCIP funds will pay for construction materials, playground equipment and architectural / engineering services.  Funds for materials and labor beyond what is provided by the SCIP grant will be acquired through local fundraising.  The City of Wilson will own and maintain this new park.


Community Visioning Project:  Wilson PRIDE applied to the Case Foundation’s “Make It Your Own Awards” grant program for funding to support a broad-based effort to gather input from throughout the community, to define a community vision, to set community goals, and to work to achieve those goals.  Our application was among the top 20 (out of 4,641 applications received) for which we were awarded $10,103.30 to be used during 2008 and 2009.  The goals of this effort are to improve communication and enhance civic engagement in Wilson, establish a positive vision for Wilson's future,  collectively identify and work on 2 - 3 important community projects, and position Wilson for continuous community improvement.


Tree City USA:  Wilson PRIDE has worked with the City of Wilson, Wilson Lions Club, Kansas Forest Service, and local citizens to enable Wilson to apply to the National Arbor Day Foundation for Tree City USA status.  Accomplishments include an Arbor Day proclamation passed by the Wilson City Council on March 3, 2008; an Arbor Day celebration and tree planting ceremony held in association with the Wilson Lions Club on April 24, 2008; a city-wide tree inventory conducted by District Forester Jim Strine and community PRIDE volunteers; a Tree Care Ordinance passed by the Wilson City Council on December 15, 2008; and the creation of a Wilson Tree Board made up of local volunteers appointed by the city council.  We anticipate that Wilson will soon be accepted into the Tree City USA Program.


Wilson PRIDE Website (www.wilsonks.com):  Wilson PRIDE is working with professional web site developer Greg German of Kansas City, Kansas, to create a Wilson PRIDE web site.  Development of this site is funded in part by the Case Foundation.  This web site will serve as a tool to inform people about Wilson PRIDE activities, gather public input for the Community Visioning Project, provide links to valuable information about Wilson, and to promote Wilson and the surrounding area.



Planned Activities:


Child Care Center:  Wilson PRIDE is working to find solutions to Wilson's child care needs including the possible creation of a licensed professional child care center in Wilson.  Quality childcare is essential to many young families and is a critical factor effecting Wilson's ability to grow and prosper.

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Past Activities (2007 - 2008):


Pre-Organization Meeting on March 31, 2007:  Prior to formation as an organization and application to the Kansas PRIDE Program, a group of 15 concerned citizens of Wilson met on March 31, 2007, to learn about the Kansas PRIDE Program from Kansas PRIDE Extension Coordinator Dan Kahl.  During this meeting, those in attendance brainstormed the following questions: “1) What about Wilson would you like to preserve?; 2) What about Wilson would you like to improve?; and, 3) What about Wilson would you like to create?”  Several people in attendance later formed a group that went on to apply to the Kansas PRIDE Program to become a Kansas PRIDE community.


Endorsement by the City of Wilson and Acceptance into Kansas PRIDE Program:  The Wilson City Council passed Resolution 2-2007 on April 16, 2007, pledging the City’s “full support, endorsement and cooperation in carrying out the requirements of the Kansas PRIDE Program” and proclaiming Wilson as an official entrant in the Kansas PRIDE Program.  Wilson was officially recognized by the Kansas PRIDE Program as a Kansas PRIDE Community on June 18, 2007.


Welcome “Bike Across Kansas” Bicycle Riders:  We created a large sign to welcome several hundred “Bike Across Kansas” bicycle riders as they rode into town on June 12, 2007.  Two of the riders were high school students from Wilson.


Small Communities Improvement Program Grant:  With permission from the Wilson city council, Wilson PRIDE applied (on behalf of the City of Wilson) to the Kansas Department of Commerce Small Communities Improvement Program (SCIP) for funding to help build a new city park.  In January 2008, the Kansas Dept of Commerce announced that Wilson was one of six communities selected from among 18 applicants to share $500,000 in available funding.  The City of Wilson will receive $106,250.00 during 2008 and 2009 to be used mostly for construction materials and playground equipment.


Arbor Day Poster Contest:  Wilson PRIDE worked with the Wilson Elementary School art teacher, local businesses, and the Kansas Forest Service to organize an Arbor Day poster contest for 5th grade students at Wilson Elementary School.  Wilson PRIDE solicited prizes from local businesses to award to contest winners.  Winners were announced on February 12, 2008.  We sent the 1st place poster to the Kansas Forest Service Northwest District Office in Hays, Kansas, to participate in the district contest.


Spring Picnic to Honor Wilson’s Community Volunteers and Public Employees:  Wilson PRIDE coordinated with over 30 local and area organizations and businesses to host a community-wide free picnic on April 19, 2008.  The goals of this community picnic were to thank our local public employees and community volunteers, kick-off our community visioning project, hand out a community survey, and create a fun-filled event for the community.  Approximately 300 people attended and had a wonderful time.


John H. Kuck sign on Kansas Highway K-232:  Wilson PRIDE worked with the Kansas Department of Transportation and the City of Wilson to erect a sign along K-232 within the Wilson city limits that reads “Home of John H. Kuck – 1928 Olympic Gold Medalist.”  The sign was purchased by Wilson PRIDE from Kansas Correctional Industries and erected by KDOT.


1st Town Hall Meeting:  Wilson PRIDE organized and hosted a Town Hall Meeting on November 20, 2008, attended by 72 people.  This meeting was part of Wilson PRIDE's Community Visioning Project supported in part by a grant from the Case Foundation in Washington, D.C.  In addition to the Case Foundation, funding was provided by donations from local individuals and businesses.  The meeting was held in the Wilson School Commons and was moderated by Dan Kahl, Kansas PRIDE Coordinator.  Meeting attendees completed a survey and held a discussion centered around what words they would use to describe their vision of an ideal community.  A second Town Hall Meeting will be held in 2009 to review the survey results and work toward building consensus and taking action on important needs of the community.


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