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December 16, 2010  


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, Kristi DiVietro, David Criswell, Rudy Hoch, Vic Hook, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, Leroy Klema


Pat called the meeting to order.  Moved by Vic that we approve the minutes; seconded and carried.  Vic gave the Treasurer’s report, noting a balance of $4,632.94.  Kris moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded and carried.  After much discussion, members agreed that we should continue to require two signatures (President’s and Treasurer’s) on all checks. 


Park work has wound down for the winter but Pat and Dennis report lots of kids are enjoying it, and there has been no new defacing of any of the structures.  Vic noted that the City of Wilson has taken on the responsibility for the park lighting bills.


Alice Peterka will oversee the brick purchases data upload.  Kristi will deliver the paperwork to her.  After some discussion, we chose the “Big W” spacing pattern for placing the bricks, which will allow us to figure out how many blank bricks will we need to purchase with the named ones.  Many thanks, Vic.  David will call the company to check on brick colors to fit our pattern.


Kris brought an e-mail indicating we have been named by Bloomberg News as the “Best Kansas Town to Raise Children In.”  According to the memo, our PRIDE website was used to obtain the necessary criteria to determine this. 


Pat reminded us that we need to be actively seeking new members.  Vic said that he would check on what it takes to get our meetings posted on the Reader Boards.  And David gave us a copy of a letter he had personally delivered to the City Council noting the deterioration of the historic Soukup Grain Elevator.  Those present agreed that this was an important project, but right now we needed to focus on getting the spray park finished.  Likewise, we loved the Saturday Family Fun Night idea generated from a Town Hall meeting, but agreed felt that it would be one more project that would take away from our focus on the spray park.


John Kasper has indicated that the 25% of the LaVange Shiroky estate is to be donated to the city for a park with her name, and her husband’s name, on it. 


David invited us to attend the next City Council meeting on Monday night, at 5 p.m., to give them some banana bread and a big thank-you for all they’ve done. 


Kris moved we adjourn; seconded and carried.



November 18, 2010 


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, Jim Patry


Pat opened the meeting.  Jim moved we approve the September minutes; seconded and carried.  (N.B.:  There were no minutes for October as the meeting was cancelled.) 


Pat presented the Treasurer’s report from Vic, who was unable to be present.  It does not reflect the deposits made after the BBQ/raffle fundraiser.  Kris noted that Wilson State Bank has still not changed the mailing information, and she is still receiving the end-of-the-month reports.  For three months, she returned them to the bank to be forwarded.  Now she is taking them to the P.O. marked “improper address.”  Kris moved we accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded and carried.


We discussed several park issues.  The low-flow toilets have evidently been replaced, but no one has said why.  Dennis will ask Wes.  The City is evidently going to receive 1/4th of the Shiroky estate, designated to be used for a park to be named after LaVange and her husband.  Such dollars might be available to help finish the spray pad.  Dennis has completed the beams project—installing the braces and painting the beams.  THANK-YOU, Dennis!   This finishes the work on the children’s play areas and the shelter.  Hooray!


Kris asked to be relieved of the task of entering the brick information.  Jim will talk to Alice Peterka about finding a student who needs some extra credit to finish entering the data.  He will stress the importance of oversight—these bricks needs to say what the purchasers put on them!


Kris shared an e-mail about a community leadership training workshop to be held Jan. 10-12 at KSU.  Dennis will give a copy of the brochure to David Criswell, and Kris will get a copy to Debbie Whitmer and Lyn Kasper.  Jim will let a Chamber rep know about it.  He noted that if several groups in the city supported this training, we might be able to underwrite the $325 cost. 


After some discussion, we agreed we need to meet in December to finalize the brick purchase.


Jim moved we adjourn; seconded and carried.



September 16, 2010 


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, David Criswell, Vic Hook, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, Leroy Klema, Jim Patry


Pat opened the meeting.  Jim moved we approve the minutes of August; seconded and carried.  Vic gave the Treasurer’s report, noting we have $4,241.15 cash in hand, but $3,553 is encumbered for brick purchases.  Jim Patry was able to get the Rolling Hills bill reduced to $671.57.  We owe Fisher and Ehrlich $334 for labor; Wilson Family Foods $118.93 for hardware; and Rolling Hills $159.46.  We have a credit at Heartland Lumber of $108.57 from returns, but we need 38 rafter braces.  Kris moved we pay the above bills; seconded and carried.  Jim moved we accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded and carried.


Pat reported on the city council meeting to which we were invited.  Debbie Whitmer told about the grant, and the council approved their part.  David and Jim noted that we still need Workers Compensation coverage because of the rafter covering project, and other items that are still being finished.  We also need to transfer the power bill over to the city—it has jumped to $40/month because of the park lights.  Bathroom locks were changed on the park shelter without notifying our folks—the city is now cleaning the restrooms.  Lots of children are using the play structures.  Graffiti needs to be removed from the shelter building.  Jim and David volunteered to attend the city meeting on 9/21 to discuss these items with council.


Kris moved that David write a letter of support for the health grant; seconded and carried.  Kris moved we identify the Heartland refund dollars to purchase 2 new gallons of sealer and the rafter supports; seconded and carried. 


We learned that the following raffle items have been collected:  Jim P—Midland Hotel & Nursing Home; Kris—Chamber for Czech items & Roger Hubert for free Model-A rides; Vic—Wilson Bank for bag chairs and hats; David—Wilson Family Foods for meat tray & KS Wildflower Honey for a gift basket; Pat—several items from Sincerely Yours; jewelry from Granny’s Junktiques, and possible gift certificate from KS Originals.  Pat will contact Terina about a possible booth at homecoming & making the raffle tickets.  Kris reported that the UMC has organized the BBQ. 


Jim moved we adjourn; seconded and carried.



July 15, 2010 -- Special Meeting 


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, Kristi DiVietro, Vic Hook, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, Jim Patry, Terina Templeton


Pat called the meeting to order.  Kris moved approval of the June minutes; seconded and carried.  She then gave a Treasurer’s report.  We have a balance of $7,351.04, and a working balance (by subtracting the escrow for brick purchases) of $3,798.02.  Terina moved we accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded and carried. 


Czech Fest:  Terina shared plans to decorate the train for the parade.  We need candy to throw.  We agreed to reimburse her for purchases at SAM’s.  We discussed selling donated water at the Youth Group booth east of Lions Club park.  We will make money from the train rides (Youth Group and Girl Scouts will act as drivers).  Someone needs to set up some donation buckets at the Spray Park, as well as around town.  These will have to be monitored and emptied frequently.  We also should display a scrapbook showing the progress of the park—Terina and Jim will pull one together using the materials we gathered for our Community of Excellence award.  Golden Living Center and the Bank may be willing to donate water for us to sell.  We need 6 cases total.  We also need to have the park ready for the kiddy games planned for Czech Fest.


PARK:  Jim gave us a “to-do” list for the park.  Rolling Hills will donate the labor and we need to pay $350-400 for materials to get the electric work done for the lights in the park.  Another work day is scheduled for Sat., July 17.  A group from Great Bend is coming to volunteer for the day.  We may need one more work day—have to see how it goes this Sat.   Bathroom fixtures are here, as well as other supplies.  Moved by Jim that we pay all park bills this month; seconded and carried.  Wes Buehler has been working on the sewer, and we have a slope issue.  We also have tank issues to decide on before more action can happen on the spray park.


Kris reported that it looks as though the UMC grant may be workable, so Debbie Whitmer is writing it. 


Vic brought a possible design for the bricks.  Everyone liked the pattern.  We would need 4 dark colored, and 96 contrasting colored spacers sized 4x8”.  Kris will check with the company about that cost so we can add that amount to the escrow fund. 


Dennis moved we adjourn; seconded and carried.



June 24, 2010 -- Special Meeting  


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, David Criswell, Rudy Hoch, Vic Hook, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, Leroy Klema, Jim Patry, Terina Templeton, Debbie Whitmer


Pat called the meeting to order.  Debbie gave a presentation on a possible UMC Health Ministries grant to underwrite construction of the spray park, as well as provide summer programming (which might include a community garden) in conjunction with the free summer lunch program.  The group, by consensus, indicated their support.


We reviewed the by-laws.  Jim moved we approve them as they stand; seconded and carried.


Brick issues:  those present agreed we will capitalize all last names on bricks.  We have permission to store the bricks in a city building.  Kris will contact the company about why the center line in the $50 brick is shaded out on the form.  There was much discussion about how to place the bricks in the sidewalk, and also about how many spacer bricks we might need.  David volunteered to talk with the company about providing design options for us. 


Girl Scouts are picking up the park during this meeting.  Jim gave a report about how work is progressing.  We need to purchase fixtures for the bathrooms.  Terina volunteered to donate one handrail.  Mike Fisher will install the fixtures, once we purchase them.  Kris moved we empower Jim to order fixtures and locks; seconded and carried.


Leroy donated $2,500 to ensure that the shelter and playground part of the park will be completed by Czech Fest.  Those present gave him an effusive thank-you! 


Work night will be this Friday, June 25, at 7 p.m., and Sat. morning.  Another meeting may need to be called before our regularly scheduled one. 


Pat adjourned us by consensus.


June 17, 2010 


Members Present:  Kris Bair, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, David Criswell, Rudy Hoch, Leroy Klema, Jim Patry, and Kristi DiVietro.


Last Month’s Minutes were read.  Kris moved to accept and Jim seconded, motion carried.


The Treasurer’s Report was discussed.  The only bill for the month was the electric bill. 

Jim stated that we have a bill from the block company.  We do have a credit with this company which Kris gave to him.  Jim will look into this and get the correct amount to us later. 

Jim said that Susan got the bill for the sewer pipe and it was forwarded to our mail box.  A motion was made to pay this bill.  (It will be $300 or so).  Kris made the motion and David seconded, motion carried.


Park Update:

Rudy has planted some grass, but there are a lot of weeds coming up.  Jim has arranged for the park to be sprayed later this week or next. 


One of the restroom doors is blowing open.  Dennis is getting some cement block to block it shut for the time being.


David got pricing for the restroom fixtures.  The total (for two of everything) is #799.01.  These are all ADA compliant and commercial grade.  He has left a message with Eleanor to discuss this with her.  Residential fixtures would be much cheaper to purchase and install.  He has also received pricing for door knobs/locks.  Total price is $714.45.  These are locking knobs with push buttons and special locks that can only be locked from the inside.  Again, we need to see if this is what the city wants us to install on the doors.  We also may be able to purchase some of these things at a discount through the city.  Jim is going to look into this.


David has spoken with Rolling Hills regarding the light poles and underground electricity being run.  They are going to get something together (pricing etc.) and get back with him.


Jim also stated that Shannon Mog (Reliant Roofing) will be a the park next week.  He has volunteered one of his crews to do some work on the Shelter House.  We greatly appreciate his volunteering to help us with this.


Officers for the 2010-11 Year:

The slate of officers recommend by the Committee is as follows:

                President: Pat Johnson

                Vice President: Jim Patry

                Secretary: Kris Bair

                Treasurer: Vic Hook

Kris made the motion to accept this slate as stated, Kristi seconded, motion carried.


Czech Festival:

We have the train again this year.  Terina has the Girl Scouts to run it in the parade and Kris has some teens who will drive it around for tickets.  Jim mentioned that we should sell water at the Park for fund raising.  Terina has also mentioned selling  Sno Cones. 


New Business/Other Items of Discussion:

Kris mentioned that she saw on the news last night that the USTA (United States Tennis Association) has given grants for tennis courts in the past.  This is something we may want to look into for Phase II of the park.


She also stated that the IRS has received our paperwork from Amy.  They sent her a letter stating that it had been received and are working on it.


Work on the bricks will begin soon.  Kris will have them entered soon and thank you’s printed.  Then we will need to have a meeting to stuff and address the envelopes.


Kris moved that we remove David Criswell, Terina Templeton, and Kris Bair from the accounts at Wilson State Bank.  We then need to add Pat Johnson and Vic Hook as the new appointees and check signers.  Jim seconded this motion, and motion carried.


David then mentioned that we need to review our by-laws.  We will have a meeting next week to discuss the brick layout at the park and we will review these at that meeting as well. 


There was no other new business.   Jim moved we adjourn the meeting, all in favor, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Kristi DiVietro

Secretary, Wilson PRIDE, Inc. 2009-10





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May 20, 2010 


Members Present: Kris Bair, Jim Patry, Leroy Klema, Terina Templeton, David Criswell, Kristi DiVietro, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, and Guest Rudy Hoch.


The Meeting was called to order by President Terina Templeton.  The Minutes of the April Meeting were reviewed.  Jim made the motion to approve the minutes, 2nd by Pat.  Discussion:  We changed “brick laying” to “block laying” in the paragraph regarding Park Updates.  No other discussion, motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Terina needs to stop by the bank to sign paperwork for the Hoop Shoot Account.  Kris then discussed paperwork we received from the IRS – Amy Branda had taken care of the paperwork, but there was supposed to be more “research.”  We are waiting to see where this leads.  Kris will let us know how this works out once Amy looks into it. 

The PRIDE bills received for payment are as follows:

Rolling Hills -- $17.12 for Park electric bill

Receipts from David Criswell -- $94.25 for Park Materials (Reimbursement)

Receipt from Kristi DiVietro -- $27.67 for Volunteer Awareness Day Materials for the Firefighter Cards (Reimbursement)

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and to pay the bills listed above made by Jim and 2nd by Dennis.  No further discussion, motion carried.

David has a check for Park Material Reimbursement that is coming to us.  We also have some braces that are not opened that we need to return to Heartland. 


Park Update:  Arny Kratky sent us bills for $5450 (work done on the house/removal).  He has done work on the pad since then in the amount of $1500.  We have already paid him in the amount of $3500 and $1000 (for the previous work done). The total owed now is $2450 (includes old and new invoices).  Jim made a motion to pay Kratky $950 (the amount owed previous to the work on the pad).  This was 2nd by Kris.  No other discussion, motion carried. 


David has info. From Warren on the toilets, etc. from American Standard for the Park bathrooms.  He has been working with the Wilson Family stores supplier which is another company, but very comparable.  The price this company gave him was $607.50 (this includes all for two bathrooms – commercial grade).  There are some concerns regarding shipping (how and how fast, by whom, and the worries about things getting broken in shipping).  David then spoke with Larry Ptacek who works with American Standard equipment.  David asked him if he would get us these items at cost – he said he would do what he could. 

David then discussed a quote from Continental Pools for $29,000 – not including supplies.  David is guessing we have about $50,000 left in expenses to finish the Park/Spray Park.  He also wants to talk with Rolling Hills about installing light poles for us at the park.  We have discussed with Maico about donating the poles, but we would have to purchase the lights, etc.  Warren suggested we talk to Rolling Hills about setting wooden poles (which they would do for free) and running lines (though we would have to pay some to have the lines run underground).  He is going to see if they would donate all of it.  If we have them set the Maico poles, they will not charge us a monthly fee for them (as they would the wooden ones) but the city would have to maintain them, as Rolling Hills would not.  And we would not have to purchase fixtures for the wooden light poles.  David is going to discuss this with Rolling Hills and see what works out to be the most cost effective/best for long term maintenance.  We need to have the poles set before the sidewalks are poured.  We are also going to have to discuss running lines towards the restrooms as they need lights as well.

Jim voiced some concerns regarding the sewer lines.  Even if the spray park is not open, we need to make sure the lines are completely run before we do anything else.  We will not be able to open the restrooms without this, and especially around Czech Fest, these restrooms will get quite a bit of traffic.  We need a plumber to run this line as we need to make sure the line is correct when it’s laid so we do not have issues with drainage/sewage.  Jim would like to have this done before Mike Fisher comes the next time.  The issue at this point is the cost of this, unless we can get it donated, as it would be quite an expense. 


Kris mentioned that Principle Wolf spoke of some Bond money for Recreation coming because of the consolidation with Claflin.  She said that we need to look into this and see if Wilson is getting some of this money, how much, and who is in charge of distributing this money (as it is to include all cities in the district). 


There was further discussion regarding the funds needed to finish the Spray Park.  We do not have the money at this time, as was mentioned above, about $50,000 is needed.  We spoke of the possibility of applying for more grants, having some fund raisers, etc.  This is a great concern at this time as we will not be able to do any work on the Spray Park without funds.  Even the bill from Continental Pools will take $29,000.  Terina stated that we did not get the grant for landscaping we applied for. 


We need to get the park we have open.  Terina wants a list of what needs to get done to make the park safe/operational.  This way we can see what things we can do immediately. 


2010-11 PRIDE Officers/Nominations:  Terina appointed David Criswell, Kristi DiVietro, and Dennis Johnson to be the Nominating Committee.  President appointee is Pat Johnson, as she is this year’s Vice President.  All other nominations need to come to one of the Committee members.


Brick Sales:  We have another two bricks purchased.  Leroy stated that more are coming from people he knows.  Kris mentioned that another is coming as a memorial.  The end date at this point is the end of May.  Terina will take care of the one from the Girl Scouts.  We need to get together to put all the info. In the computer, though we need to find a place where several of us can get on computers at the same time to save time.


Czech Festival Plans:  The train is available for the weekend.  We have the Girl Scouts to run it in the Parade and Kris said her Youth Group will run it on Saturday for rides.  Terina will have to check with the Chamber to see if we can take tickets.  This works out much better than only taking money –many of the kids will have tickets and probably not much cash on them. 


Other Items of Discussion/New Business:  There will be a Summer Lunch Program starting June 7th.  We can serve children up to age 18.  Others can eat for a small fee.  The food will be provided and prepared at the Methodist Ed. Building.  This location was selected due to its proximity to the Park.   The only stipulation is that the food cannot leave the building, so the children have to come here.  We hope someone from Dorrance will bring in the kids there that are in need. 


We need to have a meeting regarding the park list on June 10th at 7:00 pm.  We will meet at the park so we can see what needs are immediate. 


Our regularly scheduled PRIDE meeting will be Thursday, June 17th at 7:00 PM at the Presbyterian Church.  After a presentation from the Nomination Committee, the new committee will take over at the June Meeting.


Pat made the motion to adjourn, 2nd by Jim.  Motion carried, Meeting adjourned.


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April 16, 2010


Members present: Terina Templeton, Kris Bair, Jim Patry and Dennis Johnson.


The meeting was called to order by President Terina Templeton.


A motion to approve minutes of the last meeting was made by Kris. Seconded by Jim. No Discussion, motion carried.


The Presentation of Treasurers report was made by Kris Bair.


Motion to reimburse Kris for P.O. Box Rental fee in the amount of $71.00. Seconded by Dennis. No Discussion, motion carried.


Motion to pay outstanding bills made by Jim. Seconded by Dennis.


Discussion as follows:

Heartland Lumber- Current bill is 67.60. Past bill of 30.48 was determined not to be a PRIDE bill. Jim verified this with the Heartland Lumber personnel.


Rolling Hills- Current bill of 17.12 for park (electric use).  Motion carried.


Motion to reimburse Dave Criswell $140.21 for outstanding Hoop Shoot expenses was made by Dennis. Seconded by Jim.


Discussion: Kris reported that there are not funds in the Hoop Shoot savings account to cover this amount. She suggested that perhaps a fundraiser could be arranged, possibly during Czech Festival, to shoot hoops to win a T-Shirt or just sell the T-Shirts at the fundraiser. All agreed that would be worth considering. A phone call to Dave verified that there are a large number of the shirts still available. 


Kris suggested that we cut the check to Dave for the full amount and transfer all but $10 of the amount from the Hoop Shoot savings into the PRIDE checking. PRIDE would cover the remaining amount for the Hoop Shoot. All members agreed this was a fair proposal.  Motion (amended as stated) carried.


A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made by Jim. Seconded by Dennis. No further discussion, motion carried.


Park Update:

Jim reported that Arny Kratky has all the dirt hauled in and leveled to the specifications for the Water Park. Some of the expense for the dirt was offset by a donation of dirt from the building project at the Presbyterian Church. He also leveled the area to the west of the part a bit more after adding more dirt there as well.


Arny will be gone for a couple of weeks, but when he returns he will get the remaining dirt from the Presbyterian Church drive-way project and lay it in the park where needed.


There has been activity with the brick laying for the shelter at the park over the past few weeks and more is expected in the months to come. It is coming along nicely.


There is a major concern with finding someone to supervise the water park plumbing project. We need someone who knows plumbing and can advise volunteers as to how and where to lay the piping. Since funding is running low, we are looking for someone who would be willing to volunteer all or a portion of their talent for this project. It is the last leg of the park project and the final link to completion. The plumber would not need to be full time but only available for a short time to advise and then return when the advised work was completed to lead toward the next steps. This expertise is essential since the slope of the water and sewer is vital to the success of the project. The project could also be shared by two plumbers, one to advise on the spray park construction and one to advise on the sewer parts.


Jim talked to Loren Block, with the Spray Park Company, to get the water line and sewer line specs approved. All is ready to begin.


Jim has contacted a plumber from Marquette about the project and is in the process of contacting Larry Ptacek. Terina is going to contact H& K and see if they would be interested in participating in the project. 

Jim also spoke with Lindsey Huseman and they have plans to have her welding class help to move the spray park components from the Johnson building to the west shed to get them out of the city employees way. They will be meeting Jim and Dennis at the Johnson building at 8:00 am Friday morning.

Jim has spoken with Brian Smith and is making arrangements for some volunteer help at the park for the schools Community Service Day on May 12, 2010.

Jim reported that he is working on getting volunteers to help put in the water line between the fort and the Shelter. He has purchased 50 lbs of grass seed that he is donating to get the grass started since the weeds are starting to grow. There has also been some talk among the volunteers about getting the sidewalk from the north to the shelter started since the grass is going in. There is a light pole that will be located between the Fort and the northeast corner of the shelter that will need to be located.


Jim said he will begin lining up regularly scheduled work days. He is planning on dedicating evenings but mostly weekends to park work. Anyone interested in volunteering their talents can just show up on any Saturday or Sunday weather permitting.  Work days will be cancelled if it is raining.


Volunteer Appreciation Project-

Terina reported that arrangements have been made with the Knights of Columbus for a table to be put up in the Parish Hall during their pre-auction Garage Sale on Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00.


Kristi is going to make the cards for the public to sign and print off some photos of the Opera House Fire taken by her husband Joe. She will bring them on Saturday. Terina is going to get the photo presentation prepared and ready to add Kristi’s photos. A large photo of the Wilson Fire Department with their new sign will be taken and placed in the center of the display.


Terina is going to speak with Todd Steinle about leaving the table set up in the south west room where the food is served so that people can sign all day on Sunday as well (more people are expected to be in attendance on Sunday).


Terina will work the table from 8:00 to 10:30 and Dennis/Pat will work from 10:30 to 12:00.


Brick Sales-

Kris presented the Price Renewal Arrangement for the bricks to lock in the previous price for this year. It had to be signed and returned by May 1. Terina signed it as president and Kris will mail it ASAP.


Kris reported that she has received a check from Wilson State Bank in the amount of $175.00 with no paperwork attached. Jim reported that they want a $100 brick and their own logo on the brick which will cost $75.00.


Kris reported that the brick sales final total is:

56    4 x 8 bricks were sold

64    8 x 8 bricks were sold

---- For a total of 120 bricks


The order will be placed in May sometime after Kris works with the brick companies program to get proofs printed for approval. She is planning on sending the proofs in a Thank-You Note with the final date of return and the approved proof attached.


Kris reminded the group that our organization is still in need of finances for several of our projects.


We need to check online with the Koch Foundation for grant opportunities as well as other opportunities.

Kris presented a letter from the Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation’s Community Fund reporting that our grant application was not approved.


Terina reported that she will not hear about the Nature Hills Nursery Green America Award grant until after April 19.


Kris reported that Bob Grauer has confirmed reservation of the Barrel Train for our use for Czech Festival. We will be doing our summer fundraisers using this and other items still to be determined.


Motion to adjourn was made by Jim. Seconded by Dennis. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Terina Templeton

President, Wilson PRIDE, Inc.


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March 18, 2010 


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, David Criswell, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, Leroy Klema, Jim Patry, Terina Templeton


Terina called the meeting to order.  Jim moved to approve the January minutes, seconded and carried.  Jim and David noted they could access the e-mailed minutes this time, but Pat and Dennis couldn’t.  David also said that our web facilitator hadn’t received an attachment of minutes on Kristi’s e-mail to him.


Treasurer’s Report

Kris reported a reconciled balance of $6,098 for February, with a number of new brick sales coming in.  However, because of brick purchase encumberment and March bills presented, we have a working balance of only $3,157.  We also have $139 in the Hoop Shoot Savings account, and David reports there are a few more bills out, but we should have a small amount of carry-over for next year.  Leroy moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded and carried.  Kris noted that she has filed our annual report with the Sec. of the State of KS, and those present agreed by consensus to reimburse her the $40 filing fee.  She also has filed our IRS information, and found out the HIPPA letter from Golden Living Center was a mistake, and we are not required to file any paperwork with them.


Old Business

1.  Brick sales—Kris shared the list of purchasers and noted that she knows of a number of folks who are still puzzling out how to place info on their bricks.  By general consensus, we extended the deadline once more to the end of March. 


2.  Park—Jim reported that Arnie Kratke finds we are 15” too low, and we need to move quite a bit more dirt in.  Arnie made a bid for $1,500 to do the project, but Jim notes that we have several sources of free dirt, so Arnie may be able to do it for less.  Moved by Kris that we pay Arnie $1,000 of the $1,950 we still owe him, and that Jim continue negotiations with Arnie to get that dirt moved ASAP, with a maximum of $1,500 on the final cost; seconded and carried.  Jim noted that bricklaying was continuing at the shelter house even as we met.  He will once again check on the Heartland bill that the City of Wilson keeps sending us—he contacted the manager there, who said we owed them nothing.  Kris suggested he ask the manager at Heartland to clarify with the city that this is not our bill. 


3.  Grants—Jim is almost done compiling the Smoky Hill Foundation grant, due next Tuesday.  Terina will make the final changes and hand deliver it on Monday.  Terina noted that the Green America landscape grant she has submitted will not be judged until April, and is to be announced April 19.  David reported that there my be Koch Foundation grants we could apply for.  Everyone present thanked all who have worked on grants for this project.


4.  Appreciation Day—Terina, Pat and Kristi will continue to work on a means of honoring our most important volunteers of 2010, our firemen.  There is hope we can combine this with the K of C auction somehow.


New Business

There being no new business to conduct, Jim moved we adjourn; seconded and carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Kris Bair, sec. pro tem



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February 18, 2010


Those present:  Pat Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Jim Patry, Leroy Klema, Terina Templeton, Kris Bair, and Kristi DiVietro


The meeting was brought to order by Pat Johnson.

Minutes of the January meeting were read.  Kris moved to accept the minutes, 2nd and carried. 

The Treasurer’s Report was shared.  Jim moved to accept the report, 2nd and carried.

A motion was made to pay the Electric Bill to Rolling Hills Electric ($17.12) by Jim, 2nd and carried.


Park Progress/Construction Update:  Jim has completed his grant paperwork for Smoky Hills and it’s ready to turn in.  Terina completed the grant paperwork for the landscaping on-line.  This landscaping grant is through Nature Hills Nursery.  We will get updates on both of those next meeting. 


Arnold Kratky got the house torn down pretty quickly.  Jim got someone to bring in dirt as well.  They were having some issues due to the wetness of the ground, but those have been worked out by now.  We are also getting a water tap from the city as this was discussed at the last City Council meeting.  Jim is trying to get in touch with the architect, but only has an e-mail for him.  Kris gave Jim Warren’s cell phone number so Jim can call him regarding coming out to shoot sites and check elevation levels.  We need to know if we need more dirt to level it out.


Brick Sales:  We have seen an updated list of bricks purchased.   Kris stated that she has contacted several people regarding purchasing bricks.  Some of them have purchased bricks, and there are many more that are considering it.   Terina, Jim, and David also have people they are speaking to about purchasing bricks.  We have set a deadline to purchase bricks by March 15tt, a motion was made to this end by Terina, 2nd and carried.  Committee members will let people know there is now a deadline so decisions regarding purchases can be made. 


Hoop Shoot Update:  The Hoop Shoot is set for this Saturday at 1:30 pm.  Volunteers need to be there by 1:00 pm.  David is still looking for volunteers, so we are to let him know if anyone is available to help. 


Spring Picnic and Czech Fest Prep:  Kris is going to talk to Bob Grauer about the Train.  She is also willing to have her Youth Group run the train if we need them to.  This is the only detail we need to work out for the Czech Fest at this time.   All other decisions will be made at a later date. 


We moved to discussion about the Spring Volunteer Day.  We wanted to honor the Firemen who assisted with the Opera House fires.  We discussed purchasing a table during the KOC Collectibles Auction/Sale.  This is the date we wanted to use for the Volunteer Day.   We could use our table to thank the fireman, i.e. thank you cards, pictures, list of departments who responded, etc.    Kris Bair, Pat Johnson, Dennis Johnson, and Terina Templeton will meet to set up and implement this day.  This group will meet on Tuesday, March 9th at 4:00 pm here at the Presbyterian Church. 


New Business:   We received some paperwork from the IRS regarding the 2008 tax return.  Terina gave this to Kris Bair.  She will pass it on to Amy Branda as she is the one who completed the return.  Terina also received a letter from Golden Living Center regarding our status with them as a business.  Since we are unsure as what this means, we are passing this on to David to check out. 

In other new business, Kris moved that we use Amy Branda for this year’s taxes.  This motion was 2nd and carried. 


Our next meeting is Thursday, March 18, 2010.  Location is TBA. 

There was no other new business.  Jim made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried, meeting adjourned.


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January 7, 2010


Those Present:  Kris Bair, David Criswell, Kristi DiVietro, Leroy Klema, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, Jim Patry, and Terina Templeton.  Guests included Arnold Kratky and Jennifer Johnston.


The Meeting was brought to order by Vice President Pat Johnson is the absence of our President. 


Minutes:  The minutes of the December Meeting were read.  The motion to approve was made by Jim Patry and seconded by Dennis Johnson – with the correction of “Dwayne Bender” to “Duane Bender.”  No other discussion, motion carried as stated.


Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s Report was presented.  We ended the year with a balance of $4, 139.17.  We had some brick purchases in the month of January and a donation bringing our total for the end of the month to $9,439.17.  PRIDE, Inc. thanked Leroy Klema for his donation.    We had a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Dave Criswell, and seconded by Jim Patry.  No other discussion, motion carried. 

Kris Bair moved that we establish an amount to keep in escrow for the purchase of bricks.  An amount not to be touched for any other project, to ensure we do not have any issues with the purchase of the bricks once we have reached our total amount for the order.  The motion was made to keep 1/3 of the brick purchase amount in escrow for this purpose.   Jim Patry seconded this.  There was no other discussion, motion carried.

With the discussion of bills to be paid, David referred to Arnold Kratky.  He has invoices regarding his work he has done, as well as a quote to remove and fill for the house on the Hoien property.  The invoices are for $1950 (machine hours) and another $2465 (truck hauling, dirt hauling, and help).  He gave us a quote for the removal of the house for $4500 (including the bringing in of dirt to fill and level, $3500 for the house and $1000 for the dirt).  This will give us a clean and finished lot.   He stated that if we use him to remove the house, he will donate the amount of the $2465 bill, and charge us for the first invoice and the $4500.  This would give us a total amount on invoice of $6450, and he would like payment now of $3500 (slightly more than half).  Arnold did state that if we got someone else to haul the dirt (volunteers) he would not have to charge us for the dirt hauling.  We have had problems with this in the past, either with getting volunteers to help or trucks to haul.  Kris Bair made the motion to accept his invoice donation, pay the $1950 invoice, accept the bid for the house, and pay him the amount of $3500 tonight.  Dave Criswell seconded the motion.  Discussion – Jim Patry would like to try to find some dirt to have hauled to save us the $1000.  Jim will do the research regarding the dirt. 


Bills to be paid:

                Heartland Building Center – dated 12/11/09 for $30.48.  Kris questioned the invoice as we were not doing park work on the 11th of December.  She asked Jim and Dave if they knew what this invoice was for, as Heartland did not clarify what it was for.  Neither Jim or David had any knowledge of this purchase.  Kris gave this to Jim to look into.  The motion was made by Kris Bair to pay this bill if it is determined to be our bill, Leroy Klema seconded the motion.  There was no other discussion, motion carried.

Rolling Hills Electric Company – We need to pay the electric bill.  Motion made by Jim Patry, seconded by Pat Johnson.  No discussion, motion carried.


Old Business:

Park -- Jim got a list from the City regarding what is needed for the spray park once we commence building this spring.  This is the list of requirements from Sterling West.  A lot of the materials were included in our purchase from them, which we already have in storage.  We need to purchase PVC, concrete, mesh, a backflow preventer and pressure reducing valve.  Dave has been in contact with Warren Ediger regarding a more detailed schematic of the plumbing and electrical.  Dave has contracted with a firm regarding this, as Warren was not comfortable completing this as he is not an engineer.  There are some ramifications regarding this, which Dave will have to discuss with Sterling West as well as the firm. 


Grants -- Jim Patry got a copy of the Smoky Hill Charitable Foundation grant last week.  He has completed this form, but would like someone else to look over it.  He has stated that the money would be used for the park, but not what specifically within the park (generally for plumbing, electrical, etc.).  He has asked for $2000.  Terina looked over this application with Jim.  Discussion among the group involved adding more information to the grant application.  It was stated that the more information we give, the better.  PRIDE thanked Jim for his leg work in putting this in motion.  Terina will take this grant and work it over to bring to the February meeting.  The grant is not due until the end of March.  Terina has also been working on a landscaping grant.  She is getting lists of plants together, but is also going to consult with Jim Strine. 


New Business:

David gave us information on the “2010 Ellsworth County Invitational Hoop-Shoot Basketball Tournament.”  This grew out of the groups we created from the Town Hall Meetings.  The group has worked with many local businesses to give donations to help support this event.  One business gave an anonymous donation of $50, and another business gave $100.  All other  businesses donated $20 for this event.  We will use this money for advertising as well as the purchase of trophies and other ancillary expenses.  The Hoop Shoot will start at age 8 and range up to 55 and older.  Though this is to encourage children’s involvement, we are hoping adults will get involved as well.  There will be no cost to the public, and residents of all counties may participate.  The event will take place on February 20, 2010 at 1:30 PM at the Wilson School Gymnasiums.  We will be using all four basketball goals at the school, with one goal set up for practice shooting.  We will need volunteers at the other three goals keeping score (two per goal), as well as individuals shagging balls at each goal.  Dave would also like to see us get a plaque that we can add the winner’s names to each year.  NOTE:  There has been an account set up for this event at Wilson State Bank with the name of “Ellsworth County Hoop Shoot.”  As this is the first official meeting since we met to create this account, we made a motion to accept the creation of this account at Wilson State Bank.  Dennis Johnson made the motion and Jim Patry seconded it.  There was no other discussion, the motion carried with one abstention. 


Other Discussion:

Kris Bair stated a concern regarding our bank balance and completion of the park project.  We are in need of more money to complete the project.  Jim will need to contact Warren regarding what is still needed for the park materials wise.  Once we have an amount, Terina will get in touch with Renee Lippincott regarding grants. 


David brought up the question regarding rather or not we are going to have a Spring Picnic.  With much discussion, we finally decided that we will have an event for Volunteer Awareness, but probably not a picnic.  We would like to save the picnic for the summer when we can have a Grand Opening event for the Spray Park.  If nothing else, we will have some refreshments and honor the Volunteers who helped during the Opera House fire.  We would like to have some fund raising during this day, but it will be determined later as to what kind we will use (i.e. profits from refreshments, raffles, baskets for donations, etc.).   This will be further discussed at our next meeting. 


As there was no other new business, Jim made the motion to adjourn, Pat seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Kristi DiVietro, Secretary Wilson PRIDE Inc.                         ►  Back to Current Year Minutes     Back to Top