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August 18, 2011    (Scroll down to see Special Meeting Notes)


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, Jen Beckman, Alex Covieo, David Criswell, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, Bailey Walker


Jen called the meeting to order to discuss a possible PIP Grant.  Moved by Kris we approved the minutes of July 21, Aug. 8 and Aug. 10, with correction of the vision statement as follows:  delete “for youth, families and young adults” (8/10 minutes) and (from the 8/8 minutes) to delete Jen’s minutes from July 21.  Seconded and carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  We have a balance of $4,526.38, with $3,000 in “escrow” for the new sign project.  Alex moved we accept the report; seconded and carried.


Dave gave a report about possible placement of the Wilson sign—it’s up to the City of Wilson.  Mike Fisher is re-doing his bid, which didn’t accurately reflect his costs.


Dave also noted that completion of the spray park is still hanging on the architect’s plans which have not been received.  He will check on whether we’ve been billed for the placement of the Dr. Kepka sign.


New Business

Jen shared with us the First Impressions program offered through the Huck Boyd Foundation.  It provides several critiquers the chance to visit your city and give “first impressions” to any group that wants to hear about them.  They will look at visual impact, friendliness, accessibility issues, etc.  Cost $140, and it might be split four ways—PRIDE, the City of Wilson, the Wilson Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Development group.  Kris moved we approach the other entities about sharing the cost of this important program, and if so, that we would bear $35 of the cost; seconded and carried.  We agreed that it would be good to sponsor a Town Hall meeting to review the results afterward.


Jen noted that our website is in sore need of updating, and we discussed the possibility of having a joint website with the city, chamber, etc.  Jen will continue to work on updating and getting the minutes to Greg German. 


Kris reported that her churches had sent both the city and the county a request to proclaim Sept. 29 as “Family Day,” encouraging families to commit to eating dinner together. 


Moved by Pat to dismiss; seconded and carried.  Next meeting is Sept. 15.


Respectfully submitted,  Kris Bair, Sec.


August 10, 2011    7p    Special Meeting


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, Jen Beckman, Alex Covieo, David Criswell, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson


Jen called the meeting to order to review and edit the PIP grant draft.  Moved by Jen, then seconded and carried, that we approve and adopt the following vision statement: 

Within the next five years, Wilson PRIDE, Inc., will develop and implement projects in Wilson to

·         Enhance communication and information-sharing;

·         Enhance recreation opportunities for youth, families, & young adults;

·         Promote local history and culture;

·         Clean and beautify the downtown;

·         Inspire and empower more people to get involved in the community.


Jen will complete the editing of the grant draft and send it out to us for final proofreading Thursday (tomorrow), then submit the draft on Friday (the deadline).


David turned in a deposit receipt of $20 from the Barrel Train riders at Czech Fest.


We adjourned by consensus, noting that our next regular meeting is as scheduled on Aug. 18.


Respectfully submitted, Kris Bair, Sec.


August 8, 2011     8p    Special Meeting


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, Jen Beckman, Alex Covieo, David Criswell, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson


Jen called the meeting to order to discuss a possible PIP Grant.  Dave moved we support a resolution to apply for a PIP grant to support development of

1)      A walking trail and brochure;

2)      Historical placards;

3)      Kiosk; seconded and carried.

Grant-writing tasks were divided up as follows: 

            Jen—write the narrative;

            Dennis—contact Robert Whitmer about kiosk construction costs;

            Kris—contact Tammy Endsley for a bid on the desktop publishing;

            Alex—check on printing and framing costs for brochure and placards;

            David—write a draft of a vision statement.


We will meet again on Wed., Aug. 10 at 7 p.m., to do a final edit of the draft of the grant, 7 p.m., at the FPC.  We adjourned by consensus.


Respectfully submitted, Kris Bair, Sec. 


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July 21, 2011    7p


Present:  Jennifer Beckman (President), Dennis Johnson (Treasurer), David Criswell, Kristi DiVietro, Vic Hook, Pat Johnson


Jennifer called the meeting to order.  June minutes were unavailable, but the elected officers for the 2011-2012 year should be noted:


Jennifer Beckman, President

Alex Coveio, Vice-President

Dennis Johnson, Treasurer 

Terina Templeton, Secretary, if she accepts the nomination.    


Treasurer’s Report: Dennis presented the June financial report prepared by Vic.  The bank balance is $4,456.38.  $2964.88 in the general fund and $1491.50 for bricks.  There are no bills to pay.  It was moved and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report.


Unfinished Business:

Park update:   Kristi informed us the bricks were shipped July 20.  Representatives from the City of Wilson and PRIDE will need to receive them to make sure they are the right color, not broken,  etc.  Dennis volunteered to do this.  They bricks have already been paid for.  Warren Ediger is sending out specs this week.  The park has been deeded to the city and work should be finished this calendar year.


Czech Festival:  PRIDE will sponsor the barrel rides at the festival, with the Girl Scouts in charge of tickets and rides.  In the past, Chamber of Commerce has received 10% of the ticket sales.  


Signs:  The Dr. Kepka sign has not been delivered yet.  David reported that the bid from Mike Fisher of Affordable Concrete Signs for the large sign along interstate is too low. It has been suggested that Mike complete his research and make a new proposal including the additional costs for soil sampling, using a hydraulic lift to set the sign, and an engineer to oversee the project.  David reported the City tabled the motion to help cover the cost, but he believes there may be some private donations for the sign. 


New Business:

Grant:  Wilson PRIDE is eligible to apply for the second round of the Partners in PRIDE Grant due August 12.  There was some discussion about following the Cultural Capital guidelines which focuses on the community’s history, heritage, traditions, and efforts that address historic preservation.  Ideas include creating a kiosk, a walking tour brochure, and posting the history of buildings on the tour in windows.  Jennifer will gather general information; David will write a Vision Statement; Dennis will get estimates for building the kiosk; Kris will contact Tammy Ensley about desktop publishing for the brochure; and Alex will get estimates for the cost of printing the brochures and frames for the building history.   


Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Jennifer Beckman, President 


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June 16, 2011  7:00 PM


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, Jen Beckman, Alex Covieo, David Criswell, Vic Hook, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson


Pat called the meeting to order.   Kris noted that we were unable to meet in May, and that meeting was re-scheduled for June 2.  Vic moved we approve the June 2 minutes; seconded and carried.  Vic’s Treasurer’s report had no changes from the business already presented at the June 2 meeting.  Moved by Kris that we accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded and carried.


Park Update:  the city is still waiting on the addendum to the specs so that those can be sent out for bids.  Bricks are due to be processed this month.


The City will be providing the poles for a sign honoring Dr. Kepka , and Dennis hopes to get the sign up tomorrow. 


Kris moved we approve the following slate of officers for 2011:  President—Jen Beckman; VP—Alex Covieo; Sec.—Terina Templeton (if the way be clear); Treas.—Dennis Johnson; seconded and carried.


Czech Fest:  All new fundraising ideas for Czech Fest presented at our last meeting are not do-able, so we will stick with the barrel train ride and keep looking for other ideas.


In new business, David reports that the City has declined to support the new signage for I-70 and the south entry to town.  Dave is looking for other sponsors.


There being no other business, Dave moved we adjourn; seconded and carried.


Respectfully submitted, Kris Bair, Sec.  


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Minutes of June 2, 2011  (May's delayed meeting)


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, Jen Beckman, Matt Beckman, David Criswell, Vic Hook, Dennis, Johnson, Pat Johnson, Leroy Klema, Terina Templeton


Pat opened the meeting with the reminder that we had rescheduled our regular May meeting for this night.  The minutes for April were unavailable. 


Vic reported a balance of $3,824.75, with $1,491.50 set aside for the bricks.  In addition, Vic has a deposit from Anschutz memorials of $695, and a bill from the City of Wilson for the Tree City signage.  Moved by Kris we pay the City; seconded and carried.  Kris moved we accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded and carried. 


Park update:  Dave met with Architect Warren Ediger and Wes Buehler.  Ediger is re-doing the specs, which will then be distributed for bids to finish the spray park.  The engraved bricks are due to be manufactured in June.


Mike Fisher gave a presentation about two Wilson signs—a large one to be put out on I-70, if permission can be gained from a landowner there, and one to go at the south entrance to Wilson, where demolished sign had stood.  Dave moved we donate $3,000 to the City of Wilson if they choose to have the concrete signage made by Mike Fisher; seconded and, after much discussion, carried.


Terina has door acknowledgments that thank property owners for yard care.  PRIDE will award five each month this summer to acknowledge beautiful, colorful yards in town, and Terina will head up distribution and publicity.


Dave reported that the state will allow us, if we can pay for it, to post a sign honoring Dr. Kepka for his recent national award as Rural Doctor of the Year.  Moved by Kris that we pursue this; seconded and carried, provided we have his permission to do this project.


We held some discussion of Czech Fest plans, noting that if we are called on to donate to the new sign, we will need to be replenishing our bank account.  Dave reported that the kids’ train, which we’ve operated for several years, has already been arranged.  Kris suggested he make sure that Chamber will reimburse us for tickets.  The older Girl Scouts will drive the train.  David will check on a dunk tank as a fundraiser.  Other ideas included a “Kiss the Pig” contest and a Jacob’s Ladder (Kris will look for this). 


Kris moved we adjourn; seconded and carried.


Respectfully submitted,   Kris Bair, Treasurer   


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March 17, 2011  7:00 PM


PRESENT:  Kris Bair, Kristi DiVietro, Vic Hook, Dennis Johnson, Pat Johnson, Leroy Klema,

Pat called the meeting to order.  Vic moved we approve the January minutes; seconded and carried.

Vic reported a balance of $3,796.54 (after paying for our brick order, as well as a final payment to Arnold Kratke for his work on the park, reimbursement to David Criswell for hoop shoot expenses, and renewal of our post office box).  Kris moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded and carried.   Kris had submitted a bill for $40, which she had paid to file the State of Kansas report on-line; Kristi moved we reimburse her the amount of the bill; seconded and carried.


Park update:  those present gratefully noted that the newspaper report of the last City of Wilson meeting indicated that the city seems ready to support the final phase of the new park—the spray pad.   We received a reminder from Jim Patry that the Smoky Hills Foundation has a grant deadline coming up.  We will try to resubmit last year’s proposal, probably earmarking funds for park landscaping, since the amount we might qualify for would not provide substantial help toward the cost of the spray pad. 


David Criswell sent word that organization of the annual Hoop Shoot is complete except for a list of volunteers.  Pat, Kristi and Mrs. Hook have volunteered to register competitors and sell t-shirts.  Vic and Dennis volunteered to help as judges.  Those present voted by consensus to limit the registration time from 1:30-2 p.m., noting, though, that actual competitions might not take place until later than 2.  Those present also agreed that last year’s tees should sell for $8, and the new logo tees for $10. 

Kris noted that the √ C.A.T./Food Bank group may be asking PRIDE to serve as their umbrella organization so that they can qualify as a non-profit charity without completing the federal paperwork.   We may have a representative at our next meeting. 


There being no further items to discuss or act upon, the meeting adjourned by consensus.


Respectfully submitted, Pastor Kris Bair, Secretary



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